Tax filing due date has been extended to May 17.

Remote tax preparation is available to aid people during this Covid-19 outbreak. Schedule your appointment now!

To inquire about tax preparation service, please email or call 952-913-8744 to schedule an appointment.


Appointments can be scheduled evenings and weekends. All appointments are subject to availability.

Home appointments are available!

What to bring:

  • Photo ID
  • SSN/ITIN verification document
  • Completed Tax Organizer (click to download)
  • Prior year tax return, required for ongoing businesses, helpful for other returns
  • Dependent residency verification, needed for returns claiming dependent credits (school registration record, medical record with address, etc…)
  • Power of Attorney, if applicable
  • IRS Identity Protection PIN, if applicable
  • Forms reporting income (W-2, 1099-R, 1099-NEC, etc…)
  • Information and documentation of income not on a tax form (tip records, receipts, invoices, etc…)
  • Information and documentation of expenses (Charitable contributions, tax payments, receipts, invoices, etc…)
  • Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) or Statement of Property Taxes Payable for MN property tax refund
  • Health care coverage info if purchased through a state marketplace (MNsure)
  • Letters from the IRS or MN Revenue, if applicable
  • Any other document or information you have a question about
  • Self-Employment Organizer (if applicable)
  • Itemization Organizer (if applicable)



  • Preparation rate is $198/hour. For most people with simple returns this means a cost between $99 and $149, assuming 30-45 minutes of preparation time. Complicated returns can cost significantly more.
  • $50 for home appointments within 15 miles of office. $2/mile for each extra mile. Mileage is based on driving distance.

Tax preparation fees must be paid before filing with the IRS. I do not take my fee from any potential refund amount.

I charge based on the time it takes to complete a tax return. I do not charge based on which forms are used like many paid tax preparers.


I guarantee that I will prepare an accurate return based on the information provided. If I have made some mistake, I will amend the return for free and pay any penalties or interest that has accrued as a result of my mistake. Clients are responsible to pay all taxes they legally owe. Clients must also provide complete and accurate information; failure by clients to provide complete and accurate information waives my responsibility to pay any penalties or interest.