Tax filing for TY2021 begins Jan 24, 2022.

Remote tax preparation is available to aid people during this Covid-19 outbreak. Schedule your appointment now!

To inquire about tax preparation service, please email or call 952-479-0611 to schedule an appointment.


Appointments can be scheduled online during regular business hours. Evening and weekend appointments can be scheduled by inquiring at All appointments are subject to availability.

Home appointments are available!

What to bring:

  • Photo ID
  • SSN/ITIN verification document
  • Completed Tax Organizer
  • Prior year tax return, required for ongoing businesses, helpful for other returns
  • Dependent residency verification, needed for returns claiming dependent credits (school registration record, medical record with address, etc…)
  • Power of Attorney, if applicable
  • IRS Identity Protection PIN, if applicable
  • Forms reporting income (W-2, 1099-R, 1099-NEC, etc…)
  • Information and documentation of income not on a tax form (tip records, receipts, invoices, etc…)
  • Information and documentation of expenses (Charitable contributions, tax payments, receipts, invoices, etc…)
  • Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) or Statement of Property Taxes Payable for MN property tax refund
  • Health care coverage info if purchased through a state marketplace (MNsure)
  • Letters from the IRS or MN Revenue, if applicable
  • Any other document or information you have a question about
  • Self-Employment Organizer (if applicable)
  • Itemization Organizer (if applicable)



  • Preparation rate is $198/hour. For most people with simple returns this means a cost between $99 and $149, assuming 30-45 minutes of preparation time. Complicated returns can cost significantly more.
  • $50 for home appointments within 15 miles of office. $2/mile for each extra mile. Mileage is based on driving distance.

Tax preparation fees must be paid before filing with the IRS. I do not take my fee from any potential refund amount.

I charge based on the time it takes to complete a tax return. I do not charge based on which forms are used like many paid tax preparers.


I guarantee that I will prepare an accurate return based on the information provided. If I have made some mistake, I will amend the return for free and pay any penalties or interest that has accrued as a result of my mistake. Clients are responsible to pay all taxes they legally owe. Clients must also provide complete and accurate information; failure by clients to provide complete and accurate information waives my responsibility to pay any penalties or interest.